What If I Told You That Having A

Fabulous Wedding On A Budget


Even In Today’s Economy

Dear Wedding Couple,

First of all,

A wedding is always a dazzlingly exciting time in anyone’s life… a time of many decisions and much preparation. And every detail has to be perfect!

Everything from the catering venue and the food, to the dress and tuxedo, must be carefully chosen, arranged and the whole affair organized without a hitch. Because that special day is one of the most important days in your life and one you will never forget, you want everything just right!


With today’s economy, having that wedding of your dreams has become increasingly difficult. Many couples fear they will have to forego all the cherished details they have dreamed of since they first decided to get married. Or, even worse, wait much longer so they can afford it all. There are so many details…

Wedding Rings — The Dance Band — The Ceremony Venue

The Bridal Party — Your Colors — The Invitations

The Cake — The Reception — The Limousine

The Honeymoon — Your Best Man — The Maid of Honor

The Menu — The Photographer — The Favors

The list goes on and on…

It’s enough to make any bride dizzy… or faint from exhaustion. Even when you do have plenty of money! But, when money is tight — or there just isn’t any — many couples put off marrying, rather than have a low-budget wedding.

And, with couples already marrying later than ever, that’s not only a shame, it’s a waste of precious time and money– Time and Money that could go toward more important things…

Like That First Home…


…Or Starting A Family


Those things are important, it’s true. But, then again, a wedding is a once-in-a-life-time experience. As the old saying goes, “you’re only a bride once.” While the saying may be old, the sentiment holds true today. Because only once can you walk down the aisle; only once will you know the excitement of having “that big day” and all the special ceremonies and traditions that go along with it.

The decisions always become so difficult when there isn’t enough money. They can be positively heart-wrenching– What Do You Choose? A Great Home and starting a family or a nice wedding? Is it selfish to want a nice wedding? Is it vain and short-sighted? Will you regret having a large wedding later on??

Will you regret not having a nice wedding???

How do you decide?

You see despite what the bridal industry and everybody around you would have you believe, it is entirely possible to have an absolutely beautiful, wedding for much less than the $25,000-$50,000 they usually quote, and while there is no denying that if you have endless amounts of money you can demand everything to be fabulous it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a fortune to spend or choose not to spend that you can’t still have a fabulous wedding ….you can!

Whenever we pay someone else to provide us with a service there is always a higher cost than if we do it ourselves. It’s obvious really, after all nobody goes into business to lose money do they?

However, it is possible to plan and manage it yourself at a much lower cost.

But, let’s face it, unless you have:

there is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge the average young bride and groom lacks. Which, unfortunately, forces most couples to use a wedding planning service leaving themselves vulnerable to all of the much higher prices, costs which are avoidable when you become more knowledgeable!

To be fair to the wedding planners, it is really just a matter of supply and demand. Many young couples demand the expensive wedding because they have been conditioned to expect to have to do so. Peer pressure from the rest of society, especially family and friends, is very strong when it comes to weddings.

… and that is why I put my book together that covers everything you must know to begin planning a wedding.

Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget covers every aspect of planning and organizing a wedding, with lots of money saving tips for every aspect. It offers practical advice about planning and organizing your own wedding, as well as what is especially important from the very first day you decide to marry.

Below is just a sample of the questions answered in Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget“. How many of these can you answer?

If you didn’t score that well, not to worry. Because Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget addresses all of these questions and much more. Not only that, but Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget covers each topic from every economic level, to demonstrate exactly what is possible, even on a shoe-string budget!

My Background

Having walked down the aisle twice myself, as well as watched, and paid for, my own children marry, I know what a wedding actually should cost. And, frankly, I am shocked by the prices charged today. So, to find the best alternatives, I spent quite a lot of time doing my own research on the subject — both online and among friends and acquaintances — comparing each and every aspect of a wedding, from “soup to nuts,” as the old saying goes. Then I put it all together in this book, to help young couples that are understandably panicking over the cost of weddings today.


Below is a sampling of just a few of the chapters included in this 4-part, 69-page ebook:

  • Chapter 4 Setting The Date: Timeline & Scheduling
    Starting off On The Right Foot Is Essential To Smooth Planning!
  • Chapter 6. Attendants
    The role each attendant plays in the wedding and the factors to be considered when putting your wedding party together.
  • Chapter 9 Music, Music, Music
    Explaining the difference in various types of bands and which would be best for your wedding.
  • Chapter 13 Invitations
    Full instructions on how to order or make your own, which includes several samples of the wording for standard invitations.

Also included as a bonus is an 11-page Organizational Planner, Free! This can be printed up and kept as a reference to help you keep track of the entire process.

The Organizational Planner includes:

  1. Budget Planner
  2. One-Year Time-Line
  3. Guest List
  4. Bridal Party Duties
  5. Flowers

There are also separate chapters on limousines, photographers, videographers, ordering food, cake, liquor, party favors, venues — both for the ceremony and the reception — and much more! In short, everything a young couple needs to plan a wedding!

Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget is a full compendium of up-to-date information for the budget-conscious bridal couple. But, then again, who isn’t budget-conscious today? That’s why this book includes advice for all economic levels, so even those with a healthier budget can make wise choices. After all, few budgets are unlimited.

To give you a better idea of how the book reads, below is a sample, taken from the first chapter:

Chapter 1

First Things First

Quite naturally, Wedding Planners have been selling themselves as the best way for busy couples to coordinate their wedding. Of course, wedding planners generally do a good job … but at a cost. Needless to say, they are also somewhat biased. And, while some may well “save” a couple money, you still have their fee to pay, which is often based on a percentage of the overall cost.

The truth is, anyone can plan their own wedding — and there needn’t be any last minute headaches as long as good business sense is used. Remember that, while to you it is a very important day, to the services with which you will be dealing, it is strictly business to them.

Another aspect to keep in check is becoming too emotional about any particulars. This is covered in detail in the next chapter, but is mentioned now to forewarn you that many businesses prey on just such sentimentality. They are salesmen and will use many tactics to “up-sell” their products. This may include sentimentality, peer-pressure, or, for lack of a better term, “prominence-pressure” (Kate Middleton had this kind of dress, etc.)…

Of course, there is much more to that chapter, as well as the pages that follow. Apart from the Organziational Planner, little space is wasted on anything but sound, sensible advice, on every part of having a wedding–including the portions that can be done without!

Now, how much would you expect to pay for such a book? $97?

There’s no question that in comparison to the money you will save by following the advise I provide here, just $97 would be exceptional value for money. I even thought about charging $47 as a reasonable compromise to help you out and fully intend to increase the price later.

However, as a marketing trial, I’ve decided to let a few lucky couples get hold of my book for just $7

That’s right!

For just $7, you can have your own copy of Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget, right now! And, with it, you’ll save thousands, not to mention tons of tearful discoveries and stresses that often accompany many of the harsh discoveries when planning your own wedding.

For a mere $7 you can save yourself endless hours of frustration and uncertainty. That’s less than a dinner out at Wimpy’s!

Isn’t it worth it to you to learn as much as possible about budgeting for your wedding?
Or, if you know a young couple, just starting to plan their wedding, wouldn’t this make a lovely, yet sensible gift for them? Any young couple can save literally thousands simply by looking through the extensive advise in this ebook. And it’s so easy to order! You can have your copy in as little as 5-minutes!

Simply click on the link below and you will immediately go to the payment processor’s page. Then, as soon as your payment clears, you will proceed to the download page. And, voila`! You can begin planning your wedding within your budget!

Why wait?

Once the date is set, the clock starts ticking. Just make sure that clock isn’t a meter, running. Because the expense is all on you!

Your Fabulous Wedding On A Budget

Lastly, I would just like to assure you that, should you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to contact me via my contact address, below. I usually respond to all enquiries within 24-hours.


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Trevor Greenfield

P.S. The question is not, “can you afford this ebook?” The question is, “can you afford not to buy it?

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